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30 Minute Trip

Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes.

N$350 per person


45 Minute Trip

Explore a bit deeper into the Namib desert and see breathtaking views of the elegant dunes.

N$400 per person

1 Hour Trip

Maneuver the ups and downs as you ride through the Namib dune belt. View some of the amazing creatures that live in the desert.

N$450 per person

1,5 Hour Trip

Encounter the vast beauty of the Namib Desert as you cruise over some of the highest dunes in this area.

N$550 per person

2 Hour Trip

Witness the magnificence of the taintless Namib dunes from close up and go beyond your expectations. We ride the wildest dunes and spirals of the Namib Desert. Excellent photographic opportunities as you ride up the dunes to see exhilarting views.

N$650 per person

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