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Welcome to Dune 7 Adventures !

Join us for an exhilirating experience !

Dune 7 Adventures proudly offers exhilarating Quad Bike Tours through
the Namib Dune belt consisting of some of the highest dunes in the world
with magnificent and spectacular views.
Feel the extreme freedom while riding through one of nature’s great wildernesses. Explore the spectacular views that the vast Namib desert have to offer.

Should you only want to experience the awesome power of gravity we can take you on a duneboarding experience you will never forget. For an unconventional, and increasingly popular, way to get down the Namib Dunes, strap a sand board to your feet or slide down on your stomache to the bottom.

Dune 7 Adventures strongly support responsible use of the environment,
and although our tours are adventure activities, we respect the
environment and wildlife at all times.
Feel like an adventurer, while our experienced and professional guides
take you through the Namib Dune belt on our popular ECO friendly, quad
bike tours.
No prior experience with riding Quad Bikes is required.

Using our professional guides you can bring your own quad bike or rent a quad bike from us.
We facilitate to families or large groups that wish to take a tour as a unique group.
We accomodate and provide various tours to all ages. Dune 7 Adventures offer a family safe environment so bring the whole family and come experience the Namib desert in a fun filled educational way.

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Dune 7 Sightseeing

  • Namib Dune Gecko (Pachydactylus rangei)
  • Sidewinder Snake (Bitis Perinqueyi)
  • Shovel-Snouted Lizard (Meroles anchietae)
  • Cartwheeling Spider (Carparachne aureoflava)
  • Namaqua Chameleon (Chamaeleo namaquensis)
  • Fitzsimon’s Burrowing Skink (Typlacontias brevipes)
  • Tenebrionid Beetles (Tok Tokkies)
  • Reticulated Desert Lizard (Meroles reticulates)
  • Black-backed Jackal (Canis mesomelas)

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Dune 7 Adventures Activities

  • Quad Biking
  • Monster Truck Rides
  • Dune Boarding
  • Putt Putt Golf
  • Art & Curio Shop
  • Food & Beverage
  • Functions & Events

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